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Annuity mortgage

A repayment/annuity mortgage is the most common type of mortgage. Each month the borrower repays both monthly interest and a portion of the loan amount. Repayments in the early years of the mortgage are mainly comprised of interest. The mortgage loan balance owing reduces over the years until the mortgage loan is paid in full. The results section of our mortgage repayment.


A re-mortgage is where you apply for home-loan approval with an alternative lender on your home and your existing mortgage is paid off (redeemed) in full.

A re-mortgage is available if you wish to:

  • to get a better interest rate
  • for more flexibility with the repayments of the mortgage
  • to consolidate debt
  • reduce the loan relative to the value to achieve get a better interest rate

You can consolidate certain types of existing debt such as expensive Credit Union home improvement loans or equity release for additional home renovations. Whether it’s a full upgrade of your home or a new kitchen, bathroom, patio or general home improvements we can help you in securing approval quickly. Please visit our re-mortgage section for further information.

Warning: Purchasing this product may negatively impact on your ability to fund future.

Second Mortgages are also a smart source of funding for a myriad of uses, from holiday homes to home improvement. We can help you combine the financial power of the equity in your home to achieve these goals.

Our calculator gives a split between the capital and interest element repayments of your mortgage.

Moving house mortgage

We will assist and guide you fully in the process of obtaining new mortgage approval and the various steps involved when selling and upgrading to a new home.

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