Why Us?

When applying for your Mortgage; the single largest investment of your life, the decision of who to entrust and engage with as your advisor mortgage can be daunting.

Should you deal directly with the mortgage lenders; or should you use the services of an authorised mortgage intermediary ?. The Mortgage Advice Store Limited is regulated by the Central Bank Of Ireland as a mortgage intermediary and we can guide you on your house purchase journey and help secure the best mortgage deal for your individual circumstances.

Experienced Professionals

At The Mortgage Advice Store you have the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with an experienced house purchase mortgage advisor.

Each application is allocated to an experienced consultant that is available to you throughout the entire house purchase process as your administration support contact.

Our commitment to customer service is reflected in our flexibility for meeting our clients that suits you and your work pattern. This may be early mornings, evenings or at a location that suits you.

Intermediaries have a growing share in the mortgage market in Ireland

The need for solid advice and access to market knowledge is essential in order for you to make an informed decision on a particular mortgage product and mortgage provider. Mortgage Advice Store is regulated by the Central Bank Of Ireland. We have experienced mortgage advisors available to assist and guide you during your house purchase journey and provide the key advice needed.

Same products same interest rates

The rate of interest you are charged is identical whether you go directly to a lender or deal through The Mortgage Advice Store.

By monitoring the products on offer we can identify products or rate offerings which in circumstances may have particular appeal to our clients.

Lenders criteria for house purchase differ significantly

There is significant variation in lending practices between the mortgage lenders in Ireland.

These differences range from varying loan to value ratios to wide variations in the total amount a lender may advance because of the use of different formulae in calculating how much you may borrow.

Up to date information

We continuously update and monitor mortgage rates to ensure you have access to accurate and timely information.

Saving time and money

You save time and money by letting us research the market for a product to match your needs

We can advise you on most suitable mortgage facility that meets your long term requirements.


At The Mortgage Advice Store a fee of €399 is payable on loan approval (This fee can be waived ). No fee is charged if the loan application is not successful.

Cashback/Rebate Offer

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